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Bonnie Ruberg is a freelance journalist based out of San Francisco. She specializes in tech, video games, and gender/sexuality, with an emphasis on culture. A regular speaker at alternative technology conferences, she has been publishing professionally for more than four years and sits on the steering committee of the Women in Games International. At the moment she writes primarily for The Economist, Forbes.com, PC World, and SF Weekly.

In the past Bonnie has worked for places like Wired, Macworld, and Joystiq, along with many, many other publications. She was the author of a weekly Village Voice column, Click Me, about the ins and outs of cybersex — as well as a column called The Clickable Clit, full of first-person accounts of her internet sex life. For a complete list of her work (there’s a ton!) see the “my articles” section.

An unapologetic nerd in life as in work, Bonnie has an undergraduate degree in creative writing, literature, and gender/sexuality from Bard College. This fall she is starting a PhD program in comparative literature at UC Berkeley, where she’ll be studying French, English, and of course all things sexy under legends like Judith Butler. Someday she aspires to be a passionate professor, a kick-ass fiction writer, and that journalist you admire with regular features in The New Yorker. She’d also like a unicorn, but she’d settle for a pony.

Bonnie started Heroine Sheik back in 2005 as a place to vent her thoughts on sex in video games outside of the reactionary blogosphere (fanboys FTW). These days it’s both a personal and a theoretical site, a place where games and new media are always up for debate, where there’s no such thing as over-analyzing, where Freud meets Facebook, where queer equals good, and where hate of any kind will not be tolerated. So there.

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