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Hey, there! Thanks for visiting Heroine Sheik, Bonnie Ruberg’s blog from 2005-2010. Bonnie still keeps the site around for archival (and sentimental) reasons, but if you’re looking for info about Bonnie from after 2010, please visit her current site, Our Glass Lake. Info about Bonnie’s work as a journalist, as well as her more contemporary academic work, can also be found on her new about page.


About Heroine Sheik

Bonnie started Heroine Sheik back in 2005 as a place to vent her thoughts on sexuality and video games outside of reactionary games culture. Over the years, it morphed into a site that was at once personal and theoretical, a place where games and new media were always up for debate and where there was no such thing as over-analyzing. For a brief period, Heroine Sheik was sponsored by The Village Voice, but the opinions and thoughts expressed here are (or, at least, were) Bonnie’s own and do not represent those of her employers, past or present.

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