August 6th, 2009

All the way back in February, when my friend and fellow tech journalist Cyrus Farivar was off living my life as an English assistant in France, he sent me a copy of Virus Gamer Magazine. Like a number of glossy game publications on the shelves both here and abroad, I wasn’t familiar with Virus, but given the headline on the cover of the issue, it’s easy to understand why Cyrus thought of me. It translates to: “Big Boobs, Big Guns!” Inside are shots of various voluptuous female characters posing in the (near) nude, described as a “cadeau pin-up” — a pin-up present. See photos here.

Though this isn’t much different than the “women of games” pin-ups Playboy has been running for years, it’s interesting to see which ladies (or their creators) could be convinced to take their clothing all the way off. It seems the more respectable the title, the more “decent” the character. Farah from Prince of Persia barely even shows cleavage, and Tira from Soul Calibur gives up only a taste of under-boob. The vixens of Age of Conan, on the other hand, show us full-on crotch shots.

Jumping off from its “Big Boobs” theme, the issue also attempts to cover gender and sex in video games in general, though falls adorably flat on its face (and of course by adorably I mean sexist-ly) by talking about, for example, the pretty New Yorker who makes game-themed bento for her lucky boyfriend, or the plight of girls at conventions, under whose photos they’ve written, “These Gamegirls are young, pretty, and can destroy us at video games. Wow!” Classy.

Not that I expect much from a magazine like Virus. Mostly this post exists to give you (and me) a chance to stare at computer-generated boobs while pretending to shake our heads at sexist faux-pas. I always wonder how artists decide what characters who’ve previously been clothed should look like naked. Who makes the belly button decision, the nipple decision? That is one important guy. And from the look of these women, it is most definitely a guy.

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2 Responses to “‘Big Boobs, Big Guns!’”

  1. soulofaqua Says:

    Are the reads next to the pictures anything interesting because I’m quite curious to what they say and it’s too small… and too french. I’ve only had basic french and had the lowest grades in my class for that aswell ^^;

  2. Mike Says:

    I work for and we started selling sexy mannequins about a year ago. Its been are biggest seller because everyone wants mannequins with big boobs. I guess they just bring more attention to men and men will buy for women if it looks sexy, This also works with anything. Sex sells and it will never change.

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