July 28th, 2009

On a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles a few weeks back, I was amazed to find that Virgin America has installed, in addition to wireless internet and charging stations, passenger to passenger inflight digital chat. The screen on the back of your chair can now be used for, in addition to watching movies and playing games, flirting with, hitting on, and potentially full-on sexing up your fellow travelers. This can of course only lead to one thing: the ultimate realization of airplane cybersex.

Some things to note about the Virgin America system: you log on with a screen name assigned to your seat number, so while you could focus on passengers you already know (your friend a few rows back, for example), you could also spot a hottie in aisle 13 on the way back from the bathroom, and take things from there. The text on your screen is quite visible to others, and typing messages out on the armrest remote can be painfully slow, but the novelty of something as simple as IM direct to your chair is sufficient incentive to grin and bear it.

Virgin clearly states that the messaging system shouldn’t be used to harass anyone. The implication there: if the stranger in first class wants to hear about that time you got taught how to go down on another girl… well that’s not harassment, is it?

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