May 26th, 2009

In the grand Village Voice tradition, every year SF Weekly runs a Best Of issue, which is packed full of suggestions for fun and tasty things to do in our lovely city. When I wrote Best Ofs for the Voice in 2007 they mostly focused on sex. Now that I’m writing Best Ofs for SF Weekly in 2009 — you know the two are sister papers, right? — they’re mostly about, well, still sex. There’s also some adorable merchandise and Japanese noms noms in there too. Here’s my list of contributions:

Best Public Tour of a Porn Studio:
Best T-Shirts with Talking Food: Loyal Army
Best Wedding Invitations: Hello Lucky
Best Coffee Shop for Browsing Porn: Coffee to the People
Best Traveling Sushi: Ichi Catering
Best Dyke Porn Studio: Pink and White
Best Fusion Lounge: AsiaSF

Apparently those who know me were able to pick out pretty easily which write-ups from the few hundred suggestions were written by yours truly. There are a couple in there that I well could have written though, and didn’t. For example, I adore Dollhouse Bettie, a vintage lingerie shop down the street from my apartment. I’m also itching to check out Fantastico, the party store to end all party stores. Plus, point of interest: I got breakfast at Coffee to the People the other day and didn’t see a single laptop screen displaying anything but Gmail. Sigh. It’s probably for the best.

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