May 18th, 2009

Have you heard about Joydick? It’s a nifty project from SF Media Labs, i.e. two guys who work for Instructables and had a little extra time — and creative perviness — on their hands. The DIY ring/sensor turns a penis into an arcade controller, letting players stroke in various directions to move and shoot.

You can see the Joydick in action here, minus any actual masturbation; it was picked up at a lot of large blogs back in February. I recently got its creators, Noah Weinstein and Randy Sarafan, on the internet line to answer a few questions about the project. Now if only they could sync it up for that phallic first-person shooter I’ve been talking about.

– How did you guys first get started on the project?

Well it all started when everyone at Instructables (where are known to be employed) went away for the time between Christmas and New Years. Well, everyone besides Randy and I. We decided to use that time to start on some of our more ambitious project ideas, The Joydick being one of them. By the time everyone came back to work, we were so excited with our progress that we could barely keep the invention to ourselves. Everything proceeded fairly easily until we started our search for the perfect dildo to use as a stand in for an actual penis – did you know that blue dildos are actually quite rare? Neither did we. Anyway, we finished up sometime after New Years and put together the website and art show soon thereafter.

– Are there specific games you recommend playing it with?

It seems to work best with games that require rapid button presses (strokes) and relatively simple x/y movement. Centipede and Astroids seem to meet those requirements best.

– Have you heard reports from people who’ve made it using your instructions?

No one that we’ve heard of so far. We were kind of hoping that more people would try to make and/or modify them for their own needs. We have plenty of ideas how to make it better, but not the right community to inspire us and push the project further. Apparently the DIY community doesn’t masturbate and play video games.

Plenty of people have inquired about using it for interesting purposes though. So far the most intriguing opportunity was an offer from a gay mens porn company located in the bay area who wanted to orchestrate and film a porno based upon a real-world, man vs. man video game competition they would stage. We never responded to the offer, but it was nice knowing that the opportunity was out there.

– Can you imagine an equivalent device for female masturbation?

Absolutely. We’ve sketched out a couple of different variations and ideas and have done preliminary market research. Our initial prototypes are showing that the controller will be suitable for more than just Atari, because 8-bits is not all that stimulating, although, the more buttons that you map onto the system, the more motions you need to gather data from to trigger those buttons. While there are plenty of different stimulating mechanics to both male and female masturbation, you can see how it could get a little difficult to map out an entire playstation controller down there. As of now, the working title for the female version is The Pussy Pad.

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2 Responses to “Joydick: Q&A with the guys who let you control video games with your penis”

  1. soulofaqua Says:

    Can’t wait to see the Pussy pad!

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    I feel like they’re making it more complicated than it has to be. You could use a similar basic motion for female masturbation too — something circular and rub-y. Now how the sensor would work, no idea.

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