May 12th, 2009

Attending Twestival, in all its micro-blogging night club glory, sparked my interest in writing my latest PC World feature, “From Tweet to Meet: Social Media Fans Get Together in the Real World.” Here’s the gist:

“A rising wave of community gatherings sparked by Web 2.0… have been taking the tech world by storm over the past 12 months. Often labeled “camps”–in the tradition of Foo Camp and BarCamp, both early proponents of the collaborative meetup model–these events celebrate new technology and a meeting of minds. DevCamp, PHPCamp, SocialMediaCamp: It seems new camps are springing up each week… If the Web is such a great way of networking, why do people feel the need to meet in ‘meat space’?”

In exploring the camp phenomenon, I talked to creators/participants of events like FOOCamp, Burning Man, and the Go Game. I also branched out into the world of food-related camps (talk about meat space), including Cupcake Camp and Bacon Camp.

I’m excited to be writing more features like this, which get behind the news and into the culture itself. Plus I got to hear about constructing sculptures out of bacon. Vegetarian wet dream.Go read!

Tags: events, social networking

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