April 24th, 2009

Next on my stack of books after God Jr. was Dirty Girls, a collection of erotica written by and for women from the ever-sexy Seal Press and editor/colleague Rachel Kramer Bussel. Though I’m not a huge erotica reader – as an ex-fiction student, I’m super critical of short stories, making me damn hard to please – there were a few pieces I very much enjoyed.

“The Mile High Club” by Kate Dominic, which is about exactly what you think it is, made me smile all the way from San Jose to Philadelphia, with a layover in Minneapolis. “A Prayer to Be Made Cockure” by friend Melissa Gira got me to blush over a recent round of drinks. And “Shocking Exposé! Secrets Revealed!” has made me appreciate The Lusty Lady’s couples policy much, much more.

Also, I’m pretty sure “Flight” by Suki Bishop is about a visiting artist sleeping with an undergraduate at my very own alma mater, Bard College. “Hey,” I thought as I read, “that quad sounds familiar. Hey, we’re two hours up the Hudson, too. Hey, we also have… Holy crap it’s hot sex at Bard!” One of the most literary of the pieces, “Flight” won me over with ephemeral, melancholy version of eroticism, in addition to the hots its author has for my college.

Apparently my roommates liked the book, which sat on my toiletry shelf as our bathroom reading for a few weeks, as well — and without ever having opened it. Their reasoning, expressed with shrugs: “It has boobs on the cover.” And that it does.

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4 Responses to “Why ‘Dirty Girls’ will make me blush at my college reunion”

  1. Scott Jon Siegel Says:

    It has boobs on the cover!

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Typical :).

  3. Boy64 Says:

    The procedure specifies a selection process. ,

  4. Gangster70 Says:

    Kayro: yes, and most people tend to expect home to be the center of the map. ,

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