April 23rd, 2009

Inexpensive is the name of the entertainment game these days, and video games are no different. Families, the target market for the Nintendo Wii, may be feeling the stress most. As more downloadable content and casual games, sold at a fraction of the cost of big retail titles, become available for the Wii and other platforms, it seems likely that $4.99 purchases aren’t just a bargain, they’re a sign of the gaming future. In this article and slideshow of mine for Forbes.com, “Cheap Thrills: Budget-Friendly Games for the Wii and Other Consoles Are on the Rise,” I look at games like World of Goo — inexpensive but critically acclaimed — and talk to developers and consumers alike about getting the most for their Nintendo Wii money.

Unfortunately, due to the same economic woes that are effecting Wii owners, you won’t be seeing more Forbes coverage from me… at least not for a little while. In general, while I can’t say I’ve been as hard hit by the recession as some, it’s definitely been frustrating to lose work — sometimes before it even gets started. It’ll be interesting to see, at the ASJA conference this week, how the economy will impacts the general tone. Will editors be less eager to meet new writers? Will writers be more downtrodden? As Damon Brown said to me the other day, the only thing to do is stay positive and be an energetic, optimistic force at an otherwise dreary time. Don’t worry, I’m still smiling! Is it bad if my jaw already hurts?

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