April 22nd, 2009

Conferences, conferences, conferences. A girl could live on the circuit all year round, traveling around in some sort of smelly 1960’s van with WiFi access like an adoring conference groupie. Though thankfully that has yet to become my fate — seriously, it takes major willpower not to break down and go to every event — I am indeed here on the East Coast this week for the 2009 American Society of Journalists and Authors conference. That means New York City, here I come… or am, or something.

My favorites things about New York, where I lived on and off for four years: 75% of my friends are here, it’s normal to ignore people on the street, and black and white cookies exist. My least favorite things: that layer of soot that builds up in your nose from attempting to breath, the sheer force of architectural grunge (excluding sky scrapers, brownstones, and bridges), and a museum/gallery scene so exciting it makes me feel like I’m cheating on San Francisco just thinking about it.

Of course, my goal in going to the conference — besides stocking up on black and white cookies — is to network, hear some panels on journalism, and then network some more. Primarily, I’m hoping to stir up interest from editors and agents in a book idea. Fellow sex and games freelancer and burrito buddy Damon Brown will also be in town, so hopefully he can be my guide to the land of schmoozing. A friend in marketing tried to assure me the other day that as long as I was confident, friendly, and smiley, everything would be fine. Am… I… smiling… wide enough… yet?

Oh, and if you want to read my travel/conference adventures as they unfold — or just my normal life adventures — remember to follow me on Twitter. Because yes, I’m one of those tools who pimps their Twitter feeds and then posts about wooden moose.

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