April 17th, 2009

After a lovely ten months, I’ve decided to move on from Heartless Doll, Village Voice Media’s pop culture blog for smart and snarky girls. In general I’m trying to stay away from writing lists — though I know that’s the format the internet attention span demands — and focusing on longer features. I did finish up my time at Heartless Doll with a number of pieces however: one last hurrah. Say farewell with me, if you will, to top tens.

10 Twitter Celebs Who Will and Won’t Respond to Your Tweets
10 Coworkers to Avoid at Your Boyfriend’s Office Party
10 Tips for Breaking up with Friends — as an Adult
5 Things I’m Doing Because the Economy Sucks, and 5 Things I’m Not
8 Nightmares of Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s been lovely working for you, Heartless Doll. All the best!

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2 Responses to “Bye bye and thanks, Heartless Doll”

  1. halfassured Says:

    I think the list-mania is actually detrimental to the overall quality of writing one sees online. Certainly I prefer your more traditional pieces to the lists, and that’s so for most cases where I’ve seen both styles from a single author. List pieces have a punchy format well-suited for viral spread, and I have a lot of respect for constrained writing, but I’d definitely like to see less of them, all the same.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Agreed, although it frustrates me to see that I too have little patience for reading full length features. There was a piece on Slate last year about how for write for the internet so that the internet will actually read it. The result is some pretty sad, highly skimmable stuff.

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