April 9th, 2009

Making a list of the top 20 anything is always hard. When that something is the careers of a whole pool of excellent game writers, things get even tougher. This feature of mine, “The Gamasutra 20: Top Game Writers,” ran last month. It’s the second such top 20 list I’ve written for Gamasutra.com — last time it was top women in games — and both have been equally difficult to assemble, logistically, politically, and critically.

I originally put “Gamasutra 20: Top Game Writers” together in the late summer of 2008, so I got to look at it with a fresh perspective when it went up too. As much as I respect writers like Ken Levine and Jerry Holkins, I do wish more women had made it onto the list. As it stands, only Susan O’Connor and Marianne Krawcyzk are present representing our fair — and largely narratively inclined — sex. If Margaret Robertson has anything to do with it though, we could soon see a female influence bring nuance and subtlety to game storytelling.

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2 Responses to “‘Gamasutra 20: Top Game Writers’”

  1. Woodstock Says:

    It’s covered in the comments on Gamasutra, but Rhianna Pratchett would have made an excellent female addition to the list. I know nitpicking about choices is one thing that makes people hate lists, but… Well, I guess I just did it anyway :-P

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Without being about to go into much detail, it suffices to say that I very much agree with you, Woodstock. Both my editors and Rhianna know that :(.

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