April 8th, 2009

While going back through my four years of articles for the site update, it occurred to me I could make a whole list of posts that have caused controversy. I’m not talking pieces that stirred up a few disgruntled remarks. This is writing that’s gotten me hate mail, email tirades, web stalkers, and even death threats.

While my goal has never been to incite screaming matches, in a way I’m proud to be controversial. The articles that piss people off most are often my personal favorites. Both sides of that equation can be explained by the fact that they push boundaries — boundaries of game analysis and analysis of ourselves as 21st-century tech users. Here’s what’s gotten me called a “stupid bitch” by countless strangers so far:

“Women Monsters and Monstrous Women”
This is the very first analytical article I wrote in my professional career, and it’s probably still the nearest to my twisted heart. It inspired one reader and his wife to spam my inbox for nearly five months.

“Resident Evil 5: White Man Shoots Black Zombies”
Ah yes, this debate, kicked off by yours truly. Thanks again to the guy who wrote to the Voice threatening to shoot me in the head instead.

“Portal Is for Lesbians”
Apparently it’s okay to bake endless “the cake is a lie” cakes, but not to actually analyze the game. People are still leaving “stupid bitch” style comments on this thread a year and a half later. Delete, delete, and delete.

“The Truth about Wii Fit and Weight Loss”
This piece, which I still think of as benign, sparked two million page views and 1,000 emails. Oh, and people keep friending me on Facebook wanting to tell me how wrong I am about the game not being useful. Why would that make us friends?

“10 Most Ridiculous Undergarments Worn by Women in Video Games”
Along with my list about Digg being a boys’ club (never piss off Digg unless you want to be called a lot of colorful names) this is my only Heartless Doll piece that really pissed people off. Personally I’m still rooting for Disney villains who defy gender expectations.

Okay, that’s enough sheer hatred for now. In other news, my DSi just came in the mail, so sticks and stones make break and bones but words will never hurt me… because I’m distracted and this is really pretty!

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2 Responses to “A controversy retrospective, by your resident stupid bitch”

  1. soulofaqua Says:

    When people start to hate and despise you you know that you got a point.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    My thinking exactly :).

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