April 6th, 2009

Peggle should be perfect for the DS. It’s quick to play, simple in premise, and totally addictive. And yet Peggle Dual Shot disappoints – at least it disappoints me.

Having arrived a few weeks back on my doorstep with yet another box of Popcap swag — this batch: a mug and a set of metal pins — Dual Shot is likely designed to reach a new group of gamers, ones who haven’t already played Peggles on their PCs or Macs. That’s great, but yours truly represents the players who’ve already sacrificed hours upon hours of life to the game in its earlier iteration, and now expect something more.

Seeing the same levels I’ve already played and over, and seeing them rendered dull and low res compared to the original, made starting up Dual Shot underwhelming. I’d never thought of playing Peggle as a particularly aesthetic experience before, but the translation to the small DS screens took away the game’s delicious, candy-like appeal. Whereas before Peggle sparkled and beeped like an addictive slot machine, now it’s little more than a pixelated pachinko.

I’m told by those with more patience than myself that Peggle Dual does get better over time. The basic Peggle addiction begins to kick in again, and even coarse, unrefined Peggle becomes tasty. Me, I’m not compelled, though I have become strangely nostalgic for Book Work Adventures. No beautiful graphics necessary there, only words and worms.

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