March 18th, 2009

Spring cleaning is just so refreshing, isn’t it?

As you might have noticed, Scott and I have been busy making improvements on Heroine Sheik. It’s still a work in progress, but a few things have undergone the official switch over — from old news to cool, obviously. That “In the News” box for one, which, as you’ll remember, hasn’t worked for a full fourteen months (must… continue… to repress… unvented frustration…) is gone gone-ity gone.

In its place will be, well, something else. In order to preserve the documented awesomeness of the links I posted there over the years though, I’ve created the following “best of” lists. Reminisce with me, won’t you, about the days of sex, gender, and games gone by?

  • Successful art arouses, says Adam Singer, and games should be no different (11/05).
  • Cannibal porn makes us look at turkey dinners in a whole new way (12/05).
  • The head of the Naughty America game puts out the slogan “Sex in an online game? It’s about time.” Making matters even more absurd, he then insists Naughty America is not a sex game (12/05).
  • Remember how 2006 was supposed to be a sexy year? Here’s a list of all the games that tanked… before they tanked (1/06).
  • “Out in the Industry” looks at Jeb Havens and what it means to be gay in the world of games (3/07)
  • More to come…

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