March 11th, 2009

These days everything is “… and the recession.” Or maybe that’s just the articles I’ve been writing. Anyways, add one to the list, because I’m prepared to argue that the crap economy has increased interest in cybersex. Lately I’ve gotten a lot of male friends and acquaintances subtly pouring out their hearts about how much they’d like to explore cybersex again. I say “subtly” because they always start the conversation about something seemingly benign before asking if they can pose a professional question that inevitably involves their teenage adventures talking off other young internet explorers. Then they want to know — just ’cause they’re “curious” — where a fellow might go for some current day action.

Come out and say it, guys. Money is tight. Prostitutes are expensive. Phone sex operators are expensive. Cam sites are expensive. Porn subscriptions are expensive. Even taking your significant other out to a nice dinner in hopes of getting laid once you get home is expensive. So you’re looking for some free fun. And it doesn’t get much more free than a dirty chat with a friend who writes about sex for a living. Thanks, boys, but my wallet is doing just fine. Still, I’m glad you thought of me while tightening your belt. And of course, I encourage you to go out and check out the scene for yourself!

Tags: cybersex

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