February 25th, 2009

Those of you who followed my exploits with Dr. S., that handsome professor who became my regular cybersex partner, you may be wondering just where he and his hot, hot rhetoric have gone of late. The non-sexy answer: since I stopped writing my cybersex columns, I can’t really justifying sleeping with him as work anymore. We have, however, kept in regular touch. He’s even started texting me.

Granted this is a man who knows the intimate details of my personal fantasies, but there’s still something a little taboo — and therefore hot — about him sending me texts. It’s not that they’re particularly dirty texts (well, some of them are). It’s just that, to me, a cell phone is a very real-life thing. I use mine to field phone calls from my mom, to bug my fiancĂ© about dinner plans. Suddenly this communication device I associate with the people I know IRL has been re-appropriated for flirting with a man I might well never meet face-to-face.

Of course, the fact there’s just something kind of “wrong” about the whole thing makes it that much more appealing. I’m out for coffee with friends and *buzz buzz* in comes a message from Dr. S. I’m getting dressed and *buzz buzz* there’s another. My naughty professor could find so much info about me online, I find it strange that… well, that I find it strange. Still, I can’t help but laugh a little each time I scroll through my cell phone directory and see his cryptic name.

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One Response to “The taboo of texting”

  1. turkmenistan Says:

    Wait wait wait –

    1. Why can’t you sleep with this guy anymore? Why was it just “work”? I thought you were all into poly.

    2. Why did you give him your cell phone number?

    3. After he reads this, he’s going to keep texting you. Is that what you want?

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