February 24th, 2009

American McGee's new AliceI wanted to love the original American McGee’s Alice. I really did. I hear other people talk nostalgically about the dark, eery experiences they had with the game as young-ish players and I think, “Why can’t that be me reminiscing about deranged school children?” Because seriously, I go crazy for that stuff.

Unfortunately PC platforming and I just don’t get along. After only a few hours I got so frustrated with the game I gave up forever. That’s why I’m super excited that American McGee is coming out with a sequel — one that will be available on the 360. My thumbs are so much smarter than my mouse hand, it’s amazing.

Gamasutra reports that American McGee is teaming up with EA once again for the new Alice. Though no release date has been announced for the project, McGee has offered up at least one piece of awesome concept art. What is it about a giant snail monster with a cavernous vagina dentata mouth that makes me think this game will be awesome?

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One Response to “Giant snail + 360 = why I’m psyched for the new Alice”

  1. ShawntheSavage Says:

    I’ve played the “Alice” videogame for the PC. I do have to say, I’m an avid PC gamer, and “Alice” was hard as fuck! I can understand why most people didn’t like playing that game! I’m excited to hear that they are making a sequel to that game and also that it’s coming out in console systems as well as PC. “Alice” was one of the few games where I had to hook up my videogame controller adapter to my computer just to past some of the parts in it!

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