February 17th, 2009

Among the many reasons why San Francisco rocks is that our fine city is in possession of a Cartoon Art Museum. Take that, Centre National de la Bande DessinĂ©e. Currently on display: “The Art of Coraline,” an assortment of models, puppets, and concept art from the movie. Though the show was supposed to end yesterday, it’s been extended through Feb. 22nd (after that, the full Watchmen exhibit starts). It’s a “no photos” kind of deal, but you can still see shots up on Flickr.

Unfortunately the exhibit wasn’t super impressive. The concept art seemed to all be digital prints instead of originals (is there such a thing in this day and age?). The character models — ranging from a few inches to a foot-ish high — proved wonderful, full of amazing detail and really extraordinary to take in as objects instead of flat images. However, the descriptions set up by the museum took more of a “learn the story of Coraline” approach than a “learn how Coraline was made” one. In the back of the museum video clips played briefly explaining elements of Laika’s production, like how they made hair. Interesting stuff, but it barely scratches the surface.

Even though I can’t say I loved the exhibit, I do wish I could go back and see the film in 3D after having checked out some of the actual puppets. It’d be nice to ignore the story this time around and just stare at the sets. Ooh, pretty…

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