February 17th, 2009

Remember how I mentioned I was working on an article for a site called Spot.us? The one that examines how the recession is hitting the San Francisco sex industry? Well, it’s semi-official: funding has been secured and the piece should be out in the beginning of March! Spot.us founder David Cohn asked me to start building some hype (i.e. telling all of you). Photography Christine Wetzel is going to be supplementing the piece with pictures. Hopefully the whole thing will turn out informative, unique, and fancy pants… Wait, I think I mean “professional.”

As part of my research for the story, I’ve been hitting up lots of different sex-related businesses around San Fran — and writing up my behind-the-scenes experiences for SF Weekly. I’ve visited alternative porn studios. I’ve been to the headquarters of Good Vibrations, the central hub of all things sex toy (the prettiest of which you see above). I’ve seen the glam behind the glam at peep show co-op The Lusty Lady. Needless to say, I’ve been busy — but I’ve been meeting some excellent people along the way, and all of whom have a slightly different take on how the economy is impacting the sex industry.

So yeah, but sure to check back early next month for the article, which will be a 2,000 word feature. If you’re feeling antsy before then, read Spot.us’ other pieces of community-supported journalism… or go stimulate the adult economy on your own. $1/minute for a peep show featuring three girls at once? You can barely buy a candy bar for that. Bargain!

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2 Responses to “Coming soon: SF sex at Spot.us”

  1. Digidave Says:

    Awesome stuff Bonnie!

    I’m looking forward to the piece being finished. Also let us know when the SF Weekly stuff comes out. And of course – let them know that unless another news organization comes in to refund some of the original donors, they are welcome to run your finished piece as well!

    Fancy pants.

  2. Reporting on the SF Sex Community Begins « “Community Funded Reporting” Says:

    […] It has already proven to be a learning experience for Spot.Us and I suspect it will be informative for the readers as well. Bonnie is a great young journalist who blogs at Heroin-Sheik and as such has given us an update on the start of her reporting. […]

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