February 7th, 2009

The updates to Heroine Sheik, which I had hoped would be done by the time the blog gotten handed back from VillageVoice.com on January 1st, unfortunately still haven’t come through. Someday soon I promise working sidebars, a better bio section, and whole lot less of these grinning Links. Are they driving anyone else crazy? Anyways…

“Meet New York’s Sex Bloggers,” in which I profile an awesome online writer for each month of the year to shout out a 2009 pin-up calendar (Click Me).

“Dildo Storage and Quality-of-Life Orgasms at Good Vibrations’ Headquarters,” in which I visit the offices of the famous San Fran sex toy chain (SFWeekly.com).

“Where Glam Meets Business: Behind the Scenes at The Lusty Lady,” in which I go backstage at an equally famous co-op peep show (SFWeekly.com).

“The Truth about Wii Fit and Weight Loss,” in which I try to figure out whether anyone is actually using their purchase (Forbes.com).

“10 Websites for Stalking Your Tech-Savvy Crushes,” in which I give away far too much about how often I use Web 2.0 to stare at people from across the internet (Heartless Doll lists).

“10 Perfectly Non-Crazy Dating Situations in which You Feel Like Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction,” in which I give away far too much about my own silly dating practices (Heartless Doll lists).

“10 Facebook Friends I’m Embarrassed to Have,” in which I sigh in resignation over being friended by my roommate’s mother (Heartless Doll lists).

“10 Silly but Valid Reasons I’m Psyched for Lost,” in which I dork out over the best TV show to ever feature a giant, four-toed foot (Heartless Doll lists).

iPhone App Review: Sally’s Salon, in which I wish there was one less Diner Dash clone in the world, and acquire a new respect for the receptionist at my hair salon (Macworld.com).

“Ports and Cables 101,” in which I translate a guide to… well, ports and cables (Tom’s Guide).

Unrelated to any of that, I want to give a shout out to Drop 7, an awesome iPhone came from Area Code. It involves a simple premise: line up balls with numbers on them in rows that correspond with those numbers. Okay, that didn’t sound so simple… but just play. Soon I’ll have fellow gamers to join my addiction.

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