February 2nd, 2009

Call me a tool for creative marketing, or just call me someone who loves creepy, childlike stories that involve women with buttons for eyes: either way, I’m psyched for Friday’s release of Coraline. At the same time, I’m full of frowns that I can’t make it to the world premiere up in Portland, to which I received an exclusive invitation (yeah, so exclusive it arrived via email as a .jpg). Heck, I haven’t even made it to the Coraline exhibit at San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum.

In my defense 1) I still totally heart my collector’s box — which has inspired me to make similarly spooky boxes to give to family members at my upcoming wedding — and 2) I was all ready to buy up my tickets for a Friday night showing of the movie. Yup, I’d be there in the front row the second Coraline came out, scooping popcorn into my mouth and commenting on stop motion aesthetics. Yet, according to both Moviefone and Fantango, nobody in the city is showing the damn thing. Maybe it’s too early in the week. Maybe God hates me. I’m sure it must be a fluke, considering how heavily the movie has been advertised here.

Fluke or not, I’m an impatient girl. I want my Coraline tickets now! Remember, go out and see it, Heroine Sheik readers, that way we can meet back and discuss.

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One Response to “Love button eyes? Go see Coraline!”

  1. David Says:

    I saw it last night, at an advance screening. In 3D! Go see it in 3D if you can, it’s totally worth it. Such a gorgeous movie.

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