January 20th, 2009

Over at Spot.Us, a site that takes a unique approach to funding local journalism, you’ll find a pitch of mine for a story on how the recession has effected the sex industry here in the Bay Area. Instead of being associated with a specific publication, Spot.Us pitches get funded by generous donations from businesses and members of the community. Here’s a short description of the idea I’m hoping to work on:

After Proposition K failed this November, sex workers in California have faced the fact that the voting majority still looks at sex work as a dirty job. That doesn’t mean it’s not a lucrative one though, even in tough economic times. While the recession may be bad for savings and morale, it’s good for sex. A recent study says the sale of sex toys and lingerie are up since the economy hit bottom.

A report from The L.A. Times however claims that legal prostitutes in Nevada are facing harder times than ever. Which is it here in San Francisco? Is the recession good or bad for an industry that employs thousands of SF locals at jobs we often overlook?

David Cohn, the founder of the site, is still searching for another $120 before we move forward on the piece. So, if anyone out there really wants to read the article, or knows a company that might be interested in donating to promote a piece that highlights their industry… Well, it’d be nifty if you helped us get to that goal. $500 for a two-thousand world article that takes a lot of research is pretty low. Let me work for you for cheap.

Speaking of fund raising, I wanted to thank anyone who participated in the WIGI holiday auction. We put together more than $1,000 dollars. So thanks!

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