January 9th, 2009

One of the few games that has been holding my attention over the last few weeks — and by that I mean I’ve been playing it even when I don’t have to — is the new Prince of Persia. There are some things I like about the game: the gorgeous, watercolor aesthetics, the prominence of female badass Elika, etc. There are also some things that annoy me, like the protagonist’s grating commentary and the way the opened-ended story progression makes it nearly impossible to follow and/or care what the heck is going on in the big picture.

As someone who loves roaming interesting video game spaces though, the most interesting aspect of Prince of Persia has been the exploration. After fighting a boss and saving a temple, you’re left with an endless amount of time to roam the crumbling, intricate interior structure — collecting useful puffs of light as you go. That gives you an incentive to scale new heights, check out alternate paths, and generally make the most of the cool space you whizz by while heading for a boss. No, it’s not particularly true to the linear vibe of the Prince of Persia series, but it’s relaxing, intriguing, and a great excuse to practice your wall-climbing skills.

Unfortunately, the appeal of exploration is wearing off the further I get into the game. Each temple starts to look the same. Exploring only really stays fun when there’s something new to explore, right? There are only so many grassy platforms and broken columns I can leap across before I lose interest. A little more variety, Ubisoft, and you could have had an element to Prince of Persia that functioned, for this explorer, almost like a sub-game all its own. Ah, the lost exploration opportunities. Endless Ocean, I’m looking at you.

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5 Responses to “On exploration in Prince of Persia”

  1. soulofaqua Says:

    The only thing keeping me going right now is achievements. Which is bad. I like the looks of everything though the blobs of corruption could have been done better. I actually kinda like the prince and princess their remarks though they really need to be less american. I find it good that because you yourself decide where to go first the game’s difficulty curve rises through adding corruption obstacles. I don’t quite like the combat system. Variety really is a must and more engaging puzzles as well like in the Sands of Time. I don’t really like the execution of the “flying” and emh.. the swingy.. blue… waves… thingy…. powers. The flying was meh. and the… other one looks just odd. The running and jumping powers are a-okay though. The game also sometimes didn’t allow me to navigate the menu under start(with saving your game etc.) which was very annoying seeing as I was compulsed then to continue playing untill it worked or the game autosaved. The Sands of Time skins are just dreadful and I’m still glad to have played it. But luckily didn’t pay it. Hurray for borrowing from work! Boo for expiring contract that renders me unable to do that anymore. But that’s a different story.

  2. רשלנות רפואית Says:

    i love this game so plz sand me this game i want play

  3. kundan Says:

    i like this story and i like movie of prince of persia i hope this movie will make big change to flim story and thought

  4. טכנאי מחשבים תל אביב Says:

    This is easily best Prince of Persia game yet. The new moves, including those delicious stealth kills, work perfectly.

  5. עיצוב חופה Says:

    Excellent graphics, gameplay, storyline and music, when I first played it I was really amazed with the quality of this game.

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