December 9th, 2008

In this installment of “What I actually think of the games I play,” a semi-regular post in which I say all the things about the games I’m reviewing for I could never actually say at (can you tell I get paid per hit?), we’ve got one good game, one atrocious one, and one that’s surprising.

Chrono Trigger DS: I’m genuinely happy for all the nostalgic fanboys and girls out there who got to experience this game again. Reports from those who played the original on the SNES and still revel in the memories are that the new DS version lives up to old-school expectations. Well isn’t that nice.

Dancing with the Stars: We Dance!: This is one of those games that appears on my doorstep (a package of review titles has started arriving almost every morning, which is less fun than it sounds) that I thought, “Meh, it’s a DS title, so why not?” Though the character rendering is laughable hideous and the songs tinny, this tapping-based music game is surprisingly fun.

My Baby Girl: I requested this game — yes, I received it voluntarily! — because I wanted to comment on the gender implications of giving small girls a virtual baby doll. What I found though is a title that’s so annoying to play it’s almost not even worth analyzing. My favorite part in all the horribleness: while you can pick the skin color of the baby, you, the parent, will always be white. That would be shameful if it weren’t so darn short-sighted and funny.

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