December 5th, 2008

Because, seriously, calling my Friday posts “This week at Heroine Sheik” was stupid. They weren’t about what I published here. They were about what I published everywhere else. Silly Bonnie.

You may have noticed this week’s list is a double whammy. Blame my family, who for some unfathomable reason encouraged me to fly home to Philly for Thanksgiving, thus throwing off my blogging schedule. Bizarre, right?. Anyways…

“Tech Toys for Business Travelers,” in which I look at all the gadgets you need to keep productive and sane on the road (

“How iPhone Cuts Business Travel Costs,” in which I present a whole slew of apps that save you the cost of buying the gadgets mentioned in my previous article (

“Is Yelp Extorting San Francisco Businesses for Good Reviews?,” in which I investigate claims that the local review site has an ugly side (

“Thanksgiving, the Anti-Cybersex Holiday,” in which I bemoan celibate time with the family, stumble across another professor, and discover the one I already have actually possesses feelings (The Clickable Clit).

“5 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving with the Family,” in which I suggest zero communication and lots of television (Heartless Doll lists).

“5 Life Lessons Taught to Me By a Dying Computer,” in which I get something good out of watching my hard drive crash and burn (Heartless Doll lists).

“10 Shows to Watch — or Not Watch — at the Gym,” in which I make the most of having a screen shoved in my face while I exercise (Heartless Doll lists).

Some of my posts from elsewhere that might interest you:
Cooking Mama moves on to new feminine roles
Fuzzy robots, plush sweet meats, and cuddly yule logs
Dexter likes boys — again
Drawing Megaman in menstrual fluids (seriously)
‘Animal Crossing’ targets women with cuteness?

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