November 27th, 2008

When I first got an email from the folks over at Coraline asking for my home address so they could deliver a secret package, I thought two things: “What the heck is Coraline?” and “No way!” As I learned more about the project — which turns out to be a movie adaptation of a creepily awesome Neil Gaiman kids book (trailer here) — I got more interested. Then I learned what the animation team was sending. In their own words:

We know that this movie is something special – so to get the word out in a meaningful way, we chose to reach out to kindred spirits such as yourself. The gifts we’ve assembled vary in their exact contents – but Coraline is a stop-motion feature, and thus some of the packages will include bits and bobbles and whatnots from the set itself. Some will have storyboards and directors notes. A few will have life-sized gifts that take inspiration from the film. And all will include a key that unlocks access to unique footage about the making of the film itself.

Okay, sounds cool, right? So I sent my address off to the Coraline team and promptly forgot all about it. Until I received a package in the mail last week, that is. What was inside? Only the awesomest piece of swag ever created. Specifically, I was sent a handmade wooden box, one of only fifty, which contained a still from the movie, a personalized letter, and tiny bits of the set. The whole thing has this amazing, fetishized, Joseph Cornell feel. Check out the photos for yourself. As for me, I’m smitten.

The Coraline team had it right in the letter they sent (sealed with old-timey wax!) me: the link between an animated movie and a gaming site like Heroine Sheik may seem thin, but look closer and you’ll see this movie is right up my alley. It’s adorable, it’s creepy, and it focuses on a kick ass little girl who explores dark new places and uncovers a twisted adventure. Congrats, PR guys and gals. With this amazing gift you have solidified my undying devotion. Now I’ll surely be blogging regularly about how much I’m looking forward to the movie — which comes out early 2009. Oh, and I’ll be hugging my box. Now if only I buttons for eyes…

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15 Responses to “What I’m thankful for: ‘Coraline’”

  1. Duncan Says:

    I’d be thankful for your Coraline post if you shared the password. Neil has shared a few on his blog, but if there are more, that means more videos.

    Do share.

  2. Duoae Says:

    So… you admit that you’re creepy but cute? I think my work here is done….

    Nah just kidding! I saw the flicker pics the other day and wondered what they were but they look really cool! It’s kinda like having some of the Evangelion (nerd alert!) stills or whatever you call them….. they’re really rare and cool.

  3. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    I saw pics of some of the other boxes today:

    I still heart mine, but I do seriously covet some of the others. That suitcase one looks amazing…

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  5. Chris Says:

    How’s that Commandment go again: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s swag”?

  6. Stephen Worth Says:

    13 Coraline mystery boxes so far…

  7. Cindy Says:

    What was the passcode they gave you for the Coraline site? They’re supposed to link to a behind-the-scenes clip of the movie. Do you mind sharing that with us? I just can’t wait to see the movie!! Thank you

  8. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    The password is “stopmotion.” Enjoy!

  9. Carl V. Says:

    Love it! I just posted about mine today if you are interested:

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  11. Oonz Says:

    WOW!! the box is just.. soooo cool!

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