November 27th, 2008

So I got Dave Roberts, the CEO of Popcap, on the phone the other day. I was interviewing him for the The Economist on the state of casual game sales during the recession, but near the end of our talk I did manage to slip in the question I really wanted to ask: what the heck has been up with all this Popcap swag?

I had asked Garth Chouteau, the ever-charming head of Popcap PR, the same question the week prior. He called the mass shipments of stuffed animals, posters, and even cookies “business as usual.” Roberts, however, admitted the press mailings might be a bit aggressive, but explained they’d been planned for the release of Bejeweled Twist before the onset of the recession — which, once it hit, began to make them look pretty decadent. But for a new title in the series that “grandfathered casual games,” Roberts was willing to go all out.

Still, he says even he didn’t know Popcap was sending out Bejeweled gingerbread cookies until he saw a blog post about them. Apparently he didn’t even get to taste one. Yes, I had to tell the CEO of Popcap Games that his IP was delicious. Keep on thinking up these crazy swag give-aways, Garth. That way Heroine Sheik can have more inappropriate erotica contests involving games meant for children, easily distracted college kids, and my mother.

Update: Apparently the Bejeweled Twist release party up in Seattle I didn’t end up going to had not only Salmon hors d’oeuvres, it also had a presentation from “a mad professor and six space-age-uniformed female acrobats doing stunts on suspended rings.” Wow. Just wow.

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