November 27th, 2008

This coming Monday you’ll be seeing a Click Me all about the New York sex blogging scene. The article was inspired by the NYC sex bloggers calender that Tess, from Urban Gypsy, organized and released this month. As part of my research for the piece, I did a full interview with Tess that didn’t end up making the cut. While you’re waiting for the actual story, you can read her thoughts here:

Q: Where did you get the idea to put together a pin-up calendar of New York City sex bloggers?

A: There’s been a little bit of friction in the New York sex blogging community and it seemed like time to do something fun that would bring everybody together for a good cause. There was tension over someone’ blog that was creating negativity, and personally I just wanted to do be done with that. I knew all these great people from blogging, so I thought, why not bring them together to benefit somebody?

Q: Has it worked? Is there less tension in the community now?

A: We’ve gotten so much support from so many places — from sponsors, from companies, from the blogging community itself. It really is touching to see how many people came and stood beside us.

Q: How did you decide who’d take part in the shoot?

A: It started out with people that I knew: my friends and people I had grown close to, all through sex blogging. Of course, for a calendar, you need twelve people who actually want to show their faces. I know my face has never been out there before. Still, everybody I got in touch with wanted to do it. I don’t think anybody turned me down… There’s only one person who won’t be showing her face in the calendar. It’s a profile shot with a lot of hair in her face, but it’s still very sexy.

Q: Who do you expect will be interested in buying the calendars?

A: I think there’s a lot of curiosity outside New York about the New York sex blogging community: people from the Mid-West or the West Coast. People who blog in other cities don’t have the opportunity to get together the way we do. So the market is mostly bloggers outside New York who want to feel like they’re part of the scene. It’s another way to reach out to people we only know only and put faces to our names and our words.

Q: Were you going for any particular aesthetic during the shoot?

A: We wanted it to be burlesque and flirty… Jamye Waxman has this amazing Wonder Woman outfit that she burlesqued up. Audacia has a ceremic corset that’s like, “I need one!” We had makeup and hair people working with us. We were able to dress up and feel glamorous.

Q: You sex bloggers are used to baring yourselves online using words. How was this experience of baring yourself in real-life different?

A: Some of us are more used to posing than others. Lux got up there and I thought, “Where did this girl come from?” She had every move. I had no idea. I don’t think she could take a bad photo. She looked stunning. As for me, I was more nervous than I thought I would be, but we had a stylist and she worked with us, putting us into attractive poses, telling us what to do.

Most of us are actually more explicit in the way we talk online than in the calendar. The calendar is fun and flirty but no one is really nude. We’re in corsets and lingerie. I was surprised. I thought we’d get at least somebody who wanted to take everything off, but nobody was willing. We didn’t want to go too explicit because we wanted people to stock it in stores. Still, it’s all very sexy. The shots turned out great.

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    Your asenwr was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

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