November 26th, 2008

The dude or dudette who submitted this creative little idea for a new Popcap title:

From the games Popcap didn’t release….

Bjorn’s Artificial Insemination Ranch

Bjorn wants to have an adorable little foal, but as his lady love lives a long way off, he will have to send her a frozen semen sample in the mail. Help Bjorn achieve his dreams by getting him to come in the bucket. If Bjorn misses, and comes over your hands, clothes, or face, you’ll need to try again. Be warned: Bjorn thrusts hard when he gets excited, and can kick over pegs or even the bucket.

Claim your prize, appropriately inappropriate sir or madam. Just send me an email with whatever domestic address you want me to ship stuff to, and a box full of random Popcap swag will be yours!

I do find it interesting that Peggle was the sexualized game of choice. There’s just so much creatively you can do with those spunky animals, isn’t there?

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