November 17th, 2008

I guess it was bound to happen eventually. My entire life is on my computer: all my writing, all my accounting, all my graduate school applications. So imagine my sheer panic yesterday when — 15 minutes before a grad school professor was supposed to call to chat about my future — the screen of my MacBook went white. Over the course of eight hours and at least one chill pill, my roommates and I were able to recover a lot of my data. I took the machine into the Apple store today, and they replaced the hard drive completely. Overall verdict: no fun at all.

Of course, I blame my computer hubris. I don’t travel often with my laptop. I don’t jump up and down while holding it. I even try to be especially nice to it at home. My one sin against the Apple gods is never — and I mean never — backing up. I know you’re supposed to, and trust me I’m going to start, but somehow I thought it couldn’t happen to me. Sitting on my sofa while my Mac engineer roomy struggled to recover my data, I felt like I contracted some horrible disease I still couldn’t fathom.

For the moment I’ve borrowed my fiancĂ©’s old PowerBook, which felt slightly more like home once I plastered Pikachu’s enormous face on the desktop. Still, I’m learning what a crutch my computer is in general. Without my Firefox bookmarks, without my saved passwords, without my million sticky notes recording what articles I have assigned for whom and due when, I’m feeling pretty darn lost in my own work life. Who am I again? What am I supposed to be writing? It’s a bit like leaving home one afternoon only to return to discover someone has changed all the locks and rearranged all the furniture — and yet they expect you to carry out business as usual.

The one upside to having no computer this weekend: some downtime to take in Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2. More on those soon — when the digital universe and I are on slightly better terms…

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7 Responses to “The computer gods must hate me”

  1. Duoae Says:

    Argh, bad luck! I hope it all comes together.

    Also, what happened to Heroine Sheik? It was inaccessable for at least four days for me….

  2. Dave Says:

    I highly, highly recommend a USB external drive (I use a G-Drive, awesome quality) and a copy of SuperDuper!. You can schedule your backups, and just plug in the USB drive when the little SuperDuper window pops up to remind you. Every since I had a brief, thankfully false, panic about my hard drive failing, I’ve been religious about it, and if only for the peace of mind, it’s worth the investment.

  3. josh Says:

    tough luck, good thing you were able to recover some data…

  4. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Yeah, backing up is now my new best friend.

    Eek, Heroine Sheik was down for four days?! I noticed it yesterday and the Village Voice Media people were able to fix it, but I had no idea the problem lasted that long. Is everything coming up okay for you now?

  5. loel Says:

    yeh they do

  6. Duoae Says:

    Is everything coming up okay for you now?

    Yeah, seems to be good. I even went to village voice (a site that i’ve never visited before!) just in case your blog had moved to a different place but no it must have been a server hiccup – sympathy pains perhaps?


  7. my blog Says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

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