November 4th, 2008

First on the agenda, it’s election day. Go VOTE!

Second is the fact that this morning I received, for the nth time in the last two months, yet another package of swag from PopCap Games. Let me be clear: I like stuff. I loved it when Popcap sent flashing balls for Peggle. But what the heck am I supposed to do with all merch? Here’s a list of everything that’s come my way since September:

– Review copies of Peggle Nights and Bejeweled Twist (except for the fact that I don’t own a PC, that part is normal).
– An invitation for an expenses-paid trip up to Seattle for the (reportedly decadent) release of Bejeweled Twist.
– A large, high-quality poster promoting Bejeweled Twist.
– A Peggle Nights “Bucket 0′ Good Things,” including a temporary tattoo, a bumper sticker, and a plush alien in a spaceship.
– A box of Bejeweled gingerbread cookies. (Yes, that’s for real.)
– A super fancy set of swag for Bejeweled Twist, namely a sleek black box, a kaleidoscope, a jewel-shaped ice tray, a giant fake diamond that says Popcap, and about a million pages of press releases.

See the giant diamond? Well, do you see it? What’s a human being supposed to do with that? Frankly, Popcap, I know you mean well, but this is really going too far. It’s gotten to the point where I walk downstairs for the UPS man and I’m actively annoyed to see I have another package from you. I hope your new games do well, I really do, but sending me gift after gift isn’t going to make me like them, or even play them, any more. It will, however, apparently get me to publicize your games through bitching about the number of packages you send.

Tags: casual games, merch, swag

4 Responses to “Popcap, you have gone too far”

  1. eric_c Says:

    ohhh, i got the cookies a few weeks ago. those were delicious. not sure what i’m supposed to do with this strange BT poster, though.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    Exactly, that’s the problem. My closet is now full of things that I’m like, “What am I supposed to do with you?”

  3. Duoae Says:

    Why don’t you have competitions and give them away like other blogs?

  4. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    That’s actually a great idea, Duoae, one I’ve been thinking about for a while. Unfortunately I can’t do that with anything I receive as DS guide — an policy — but Popcap is another matter. Thinking….

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