October 29th, 2008

As a Nintendo fan who recently became the guide for About.com’s DS site, I have a pretty deep-seeded dislike of the PSP. Sure, it tempted me with Loco Roco (I still want you, by the way, adorable blobs), and sure it’s pretty, but its image is also so… hardcore, in the bad way. I think of it as the portable for boys in pants that slide down way too low while riding the NYC subway. The DS, on the other hand, is the portable for girls and kids and boys I like because they’re in touch with their adorable sides. Yes, yes, stereotyping.

That’s why I was surprised to hear from the head of a business travel blog, whom I recently interiewed for a Forbes article that’s due out soon, that PSP are the preferred portable console of businesspeople. While staying in generic hotels, waiting for the next day of a business trip to begin, these men and women often end up flipping aimlessly through the TV (whose remote is tethered to the wall, no doubt). Instead, this blogger recommended, businesspeople should acquire PSPs so they can pass the time by playing games and watching movies they like.

I suppose there’s one thing you can say for the PSP aesthetic: it looks more respectable in your briefcase next to your smart phone than my bright blue DS phat would. Still, the “business guy sitting in a hotel room bed playing games in his boxers” is a game demographic I’d never even thought about before…

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