October 23rd, 2008

Yes, the most wonderful day of the entire year is little more than a week away, and you know what means: pumpkins carved into game-themed jack-o-lanterns. Joystick Division, Heartless Doll’s sister site, is running a jack-o-lantern contest, so if you’ve got yours ready send it in today. I know personally I’m holding off until its closer to the big day itself. Plus I always feel way bad about cutting up the pumpkins I’ve picked out with so much love.

It occurred to me I haven’t been ranting about my hearts for Halloween here at Heroine Sheik, only over at Heartless Doll. So I wanted to share with you my thought process over the last few weeks. It includes must excited obsessiveness:
“Inappropriate Halloween ecards for ‘when you care enough to hit send'”
“Boats made out of giant pumpkins (random wonderful internet thing)”
“Slutty Pacman Halloween costumes: who actually wears this stuff?”
“Dress up as Sarah Palin for Halloween”
“Pumpkins prove Heartless Dolls have hearts”

What am I doing for Halloween, you ask? I’m headed to Rock Horror at midnight on the 31st, but I still haven’t decided on my evening plans — plus I’m definitely costume-less. Any suggestions? What will you be up to, Heroine Sheik readers?

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  1. Your Questions About Pacman Halloween Costumes Says:

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