October 20th, 2008

Last week I got sick again for the third time in as many months. Needless to say, that sucked. Immune system, why can’t we be friends? Anyways, here’s what made it up despite the fun of a sinus infection:

“Sarah Palin Erotica,” in which I discuss Rachel Kramer Bussel’s new site that lets the ex-beauty queen go wild — in your dreams (Click Me).

“Working in a Real Office Makes Cybersex Difficult,” in which I examine why getting in on online outside the comfort of my living room makes me feel strangely guilty (Clickable Clit).

“5 Reasons Why I Want Digg for Girls,” in which I shout out for a news posting equivalent that’s not run by the boys club — and get 100+ comments in response (Heartless Doll lists).

“Last Night: Blogging Sex at the Center for Sex & Culture,” in which I report from Melissa Gira Grant’s sex blogging workshop, complete with photos (SFWeekly.com).

I’d say “happy weekend,” Heroine Sheik readers, but we all know that’s already over. So, horror of horrors, happy Monday.

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3 Responses to “This week at Heroine Sheik, 10/17/08”

  1. SusanC Says:

    I have misgivings about the idea of writing Sarah Palin erotica – would it have the subtext that we can’t take a woman politician seriously because she’s the subject of (male, heterosexual) desire? And anyway, I can’t think of a good plot involving her (unless she yiffs with an anthromorphic moose and then shoots him)

    Obama or McCain, on the other hand, are great subjects.

    For McCain, it seems to me fitting to throw in a few allusions to the films of Alan J Pakula – Klute, The Parallax View … but maybe avoid All the President’s Men.

    Synopsis: Bree Daniels is a high-class call girl who has been hired by the Secret Service to engage in BDSM sex with the President. As is usual in film noir, this looks like it should be a simple (but morally dubious) job, which then turns out to be more compex. The President suffers from nightmares of his combat experience, which he can only exorcize by having BDSM sex with Bree. The President is quite aware of the difference between real and pretend, and is strongly against actual torture, despite his Nazi-inflected scenes with Bree. Which is why the Department of Homeland Security is trying to discredit him by publicizing his sexual tastes. And when that fails, by having him killed. McCain, however, manages to eacape with Bree before the DHS goons come to get him. The vice president is not so lucky, and is shot in the head by her own Secret Service bodyguard. The assasination is blamed on Islamic terrorists, and martial law is declared. Bree needs to smuggle the President across the Candian border before the DHS catch him. She enlists the help of some of her other clients among the San Francisco kink community, who have set up an “underground railroad” to smuggle Muslims to safety. There is a touching scene at the end where McCain gives her a last kiss before crossing over into Canda. Bree, on the other hand, must return to the US.

  2. SusanC Says:

    P.S. Get well soon, Bonnie!

  3. SusanC Says:

    In the interests of balance…

    Mary Sue wins first prize in a high school debating competition. Her prize is a job working as an intern for Barack Obama. She gives him her virginity … in the Oval Office. Thoughtfully, they make love on top of an American flag so that when he deflowers her, her blood doesn’t ruin the carpet. Later, when she tells him she’s pregnant, he offers to help her get an abortion, but she wants to keep the baby.

    As for Sarah Palin, I’m sticking with the moose. Let me tell you, when a moose is rutting, he couldn’t care less how much you paid for your dress.

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