October 15th, 2008

My About.com Nintendo DS site went live this week, and that means I’ve been playing a lot of DS games for which I’ll eventually write up official reviews. The trouble is, About isn’t the kind of place you can write, “This game sucked so much I’d rather have been working on my tax returns” — yet, unfortunately, that was the kind of games that crossed my reviewers’ desk this week. So, while we wait for proper reviews to show up on my proper site for proper readers, here’s what I actually thought of the titles I played:

Dream Pinball, SouthPeak Games, E
This is an utterly mediocre pinball game, and as such it was the best of the lot. Sad, I know. With unoriginal themed machines — “monsters,” “aquatic,” “dino wars” — plus unremarkable sound effects, frustratingly dark graphics, and incomprehensible play modes, Dream Pinball kept me mildly entertained for a solid fifteen minutes. And that, this week, is a compliment.

USA Today Crossword Challenge, Destineer, T
I’ll admit right off the bat: I don’t like crosswords. Give me a cryptogram any day. USA Today Crossword Challenge, however, is annoying enough to turn off even tried-and-true crossword lovers. The board doesn’t fit onto the screen, the system often misunderstands the letters you write in, and you have to do the entire puzzle in “pen” (not “pencil”) or it won’t be complete. The problem: pen is permanent, and the game still sucks at reading human handwriting. NO FUN AT ALL. Can you read that?

System 3 Presents Ferrari Challenge, Activision, E
Combining the worst of all racing game worlds, Ferrari Challenge held my attention for even less time than USA Today — USA Today! — Crossword Challenge. It lacks the “I’m there” sensation of realistic racers, as well as the wacky fun of less realistic ones. Instead, it turns up a poor attempt at a solid racing game: one with boring tracks, annoying handling, and the ability to inspire a general sense of pity.

In short: considering buying these games? Don’t! Oh, and the woman pictured above? She apparently has something to do with pinball. Right. More next week…

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3 Responses to “What I actually think of the games I play”

  1. Duoae Says:

    I’ve not played my DS for months now for this very reason. It galls me to think that DS games are very expensive for the quality and length/replay value they offer – quite often they’re more expensive than PC games and don’t get reduced in price much.

    The only DS game i’m looking forward to is Chrono Trigger but that’s at least a 10-year-old game that was never released in the EU and so i’ve only ever played an emulated version.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    I also have the newest Kirby game on my review shelf, and Scott (who keeps stealing it to play it on the way to work) tells me it’s quite fun — so maybe there are few glimmers of hope.

  3. Chicago Web Design Says:

    Dream Pinball is seriously the most addictive game ever! I cant stop playing it. If you haven’t given it a try I would recommend it.

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