October 13th, 2008

Breaking sex down into a series of game mechanics can be tough. In fact, it’s probably the single toughest obstacle to combining the fields of sex and games — at least to doing it intelligently. That’s why Boneland, a new adult game reviewed amusingly over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, has some interesting potential — even if it is a satirical, racist, sexist excuse for a Grand Theft Auto rip-off. On the upside, there are lots of boobs.

According to Kieron Gillen, and this trailer, the premise of the game is pretty crude: you’re a guy going around town sleeping your way through progressively hotter women in order to make your testicles grow in order to sleep with progressively hotter women. Really classy. As Gillen mentions though, the voice acting does seem to be decent. And the game’s attempt to break sex down into mechanics — gaining health from sex, earning points for speed, etc. — is admirable if comical.

Boneland makes me wonder: will anybody find a game like this hot? According to AVN, it’s supposed to mark a merger between the video game industry and the porn industry, but this seems more like an advanced version of Leisure Suit Larry than something you’d take your pants off and start wanking to. Thoughts? How does this rank on the sexy meter?

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3 Responses to “Boneland: dumber GTA with more sex mechanics”

  1. Eric Says:

    …It looks like there might be a couple of amusing riffs on stereotypes buried in there somewhere (though frankly the trailer shows more simple parroting of stereotypes than send-ups of them), and they get some comedy points for getting Ron Jeremy I suppose.

    But on the sexy meter? Zero. I’m not particularly turned on by looking at poorly animated 3D cartoons, and it’s pretty clear this isn’t a game that’s going to be mentally stimulating either.

  2. That Fuzzy Bastard Says:

    Errrr…. maybe? I mean, the visuals are bad, but then erotic cartoons (which is what any erotic video game not done with FMV is going to be) usually are, and they still sell just fine within their niche. So I think this is more comparable to hentai, or even erotic fiction, than a porno movie.

    What’s interesting is that the game’s gleeful misogyny and racism seems to be courting the Hustler demographic, rather than Anais Nin fans. And there, I actually suspect they’ll be reasonably successful. Judging from the review, the mechanics aren’t terrible, and the humor will definitely help people get into it. Whether they’ll actually masturbate to it is harder to say—the sex game mechanics look complex enough that you’ll need both hands—but I suspect it’ll do pretty well as a modern-day Playboy cartoon.

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