October 3rd, 2008

Holy shit, it’s October 3rd? When the hell did that happen? Here’s what I’ve been up since the last “This week”:

“There’s a Hot Lesbian Party and You’re Not Invited,” in which I interview the founder of a new social networking site for queer girls (Click Me).

“Joining the Mile High Club Just Got Easier,” in which I lay out everything you need to know for having cybersex at 30,000 feet (Click Me).

“10 Reasons Why Wedding Planning Scares the Living Daylights out of Me,” in which I detail everything that could — and very well might — go wrong between now and my wedding on June 21st (Heartless Doll lists).

“10 Etsy Items No Human Being Could Ever Possibly Need,” in which I ask why, oh why, anyone wants a Victorian neck warmer (Heartless Doll lists).

“10 Things That Freak Me Out about College Freshmen in ’08,” in which I freak out over the fact that my little brother just started school and all the trouble he could get into (Heartless Doll lists).

“10 Ways LOLcats Make Everyday Life Better,” in which I break down the cultural awesomeness of kitties (Heartless Doll Lists).

“Cool Home-Office Toys You Can Write Off,” including an R2-D2 refrigerator — and also in pictures (Forbes.com).

“Is Tribe.net Going the Way of Friendster,”in which I examine the current state of a Bay Area institution (SF Weekly).

“Digg’s Top Users Banned For Ever and Ever,” in which I discuss the recent drama over disappearing power users (SF Weekly).

“What We Can Learn from Reading Erotic Fan Fiction,” in which I talk about getting cybersex tips from slash (The Clickable Clit).

“I Get to Jump the Professor I Always Wanted,” in which I introduce my new online partner, a hot college educator (The Clickable Clit).

“Portable Photo Printer Round-up,” in which I translate a piece on, well, portable photo printers (Tom’s Guide).

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