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October 31st, 2008

First off, Happy Halloween! This is my favorite day of the year. Needless to say, I can never quite figure out what to do on this day, since nothing lives up to the hype and childlike awe that surrounds it for me. Tonight Scott and I are headed to Rocky Horror. My plan: go as […]

October 30th, 2008

Dramatic post title, no? Okay, I don’t actually think what I’m about to say will change video game reviews as we know them. However, I would like to come up with a new approach to games. Here’s the deal: I like I’d like to pitch some regular feature their way, but I want to […]

October 29th, 2008

As a Nintendo fan who recently became the guide for’s DS site, I have a pretty deep-seeded dislike of the PSP. Sure, it tempted me with Loco Roco (I still want you, by the way, adorable blobs), and sure it’s pretty, but its image is also so… hardcore, in the bad way. I think […]

October 28th, 2008

I knew about the Pacman bikini that was passing as a legitimate holiday outfit, but who knew Chun Li was in on the action, too? Labeled “Kung Fu Cutie,” this Street Fighter-inspired Halloween costume doesn’t even show that much skin. A respectable girl gamer might actually wear this. Color me teh shocked. Plus I love […]

October 28th, 2008

I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for four months now, and I enjoy the work I do. I write for Village Voice Media’s blog Heartless Doll, I have my weekly column Click Me, I do translations for Tom’s Guide, and I contribute to publications like The Economist, Playboy,, and Wired. I get to write […]

October 27th, 2008

This week for I got to review at least one good game — which was a marked improvement over last week’s three hunks of angering plastic. Here’s the latest installment of my honest, uncensored thoughts on the titles I actually have to review evenhandedly for About: Kirby Super Star Ultra, Nintendo, E I like […]

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