September 29th, 2008

Yesterday marked the end of Arse Elektronika ’08. In case you missed it, the three-day sex tech conference held here in San Francisco covered everything from tips for happy, healthy science fiction threesomes to erotica featuring flying phallic missiles. Sadly, the only real talk of video games came in my presentation on erotic fan fiction, but playing with the lollipop licking machine (complete with prosthetic tongue) was kind of like a game. You can check out all the presentations, including the one given by yours truly, on the Arse website.

Though the last day of the event was a bit overshadowed by Folsom — a street fair dedicated to the gay leather community here in San Fran — I still caught some very interesting talks, including Jason Brown’s “The Mind Diddlers.” In theory the presentation was about why sex continues to crop up as a metaphor for contact with aliens. In reality it was a whirlwind hour with 100+ slides that detailed folklore of abduction, the history of the American occult, and just about everything else under the sun. What was the point? I don’t know. But now I do know that aliens and fairies alike really like pancakes.

While listening to the presentations yesterday I also got a chance to sit down the Pr0nnovation, the book of compiled essays from last year’s Arse Elektronika. Though some talks are written up more extensively than others, it does feature interesting stuff, including “Cowgirls and Werebabes — When Porn Leaps the Species Barrier” by Mark Dery and “Your Grandmother’s Vibrator” by Carol Queen. The book should be available soon for $25, also from the Arse website.

Remember to check out photos and my Twitter feed for more detailed info on the event. Have I mentioned I love this city yet? Sex tech conference + leather street fair = happy Bonnie.

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