September 27th, 2008

Day II of Arse Elektronika has begun. As we speak, science fiction writer Rudy Rucker is wrapping up his talk, “What Is Sex?” He just described a seen from Burn After Reading in which George Clooney takes an ax to a fucking machine. Let us have a moment of silence for our fallen, be-dildoed comrade.

Last night the official Arse entertainment was a science fiction erotica reading lead by‘s own Thomas Roche, porn PR guy extraordinaire. Thomas’ story was a pulp treat about a woman performing at the “House of Poison,” naked and covered in spiders. Us unconventional conventionists (I heart you, Rocky, and it’s almost Halloween!) also got to hear tales about sex with aliens, sex with flying phallic missiles, and sex with an ass-like sphere from another dimension.

After that it was off to Damon’s release party for Porn and Pong, the new book about sex, video games, and pop culture. Damon’s crew took over all of club Sugar, with plenty of pretty girls in lingerie and swank pink lighting. I didn’t hear anyone discussing how political and historical events have impacted the history of sex games, but that might only be what I do for fun.

More from Arse soon. In the meantime, photos! Twitter! Fun!

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