September 26th, 2008

Bonnie reporting from Arse Elektronika here, housed in San Francisco’s CELLspace, an art warehouse where they literally added extra sheets of corrugated metal to the roof to block out light for the slide presentations.

Day I of the conference is almost over. We’re currently in the midst of “Science Fucktion,” a talk with event organizer Johannes Grenzfurthner and fetish photographer Richard Kadrey about the history of sex in science fiction. “Avoiding the Emily Gould Effect,” a conversation about how much sharing is oversharing when it comes to sex blogging, was up last. It features wise bloggers Susan Mernit & Viviane from Viviane’s Sex Carnival. Tonight there’s an erotica reading lead by Carol Queen. Oh, and Damon’s lingerie release party for Porn and Pong. Never a dull moment.

Check out Heartless Doll for my coverage of last night’s opening event, which included a talk from Annalee Newitz about how to have happy, healthy science fiction sex. Oh, and my own presentation about power dynamics in erotic video game fan fiction happened this afternoon. It took less time than expected, and times like these remind why I prefer writing to actually speaking, but it had photos of Peach naked, so it couldn’t have been all bad. Expect the slides and my notes to appear online soon.

So far the highlights have been… Well, heck, just check out my Twitter feed. I’ve been updating every five minutes, making me an official microblogging neurotic. What if I ever had a thought I couldn’t publish on the internet? Let’s not think of what would happen on that horrible day. Anyways, go on, check out the photos and live vicariously!

[Image by Scott Beale]

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