September 18th, 2008

While at Sandbox last week, I also previewed Ninjatown, the adorable DS game for which men were parading around PAX in foam suits with clearly discernible asses. It’s a real-time strategy type title set in a land of super cute ninjas who have to band together and fight evading, Tamagotchi style enemies. The game is actually linked directly to a product line of Ninjas plushies — ones, I’ll admit, I myself have stopped and stared at in Kid Robot windows.

Perhaps not surprisingly, what’s most striking about Ninjatown isn’t its gameplay, it’s its aesthetic. The ninjas are predictably huggable, coming in various forms that include: ninja, anti-ninja, baby ninja, and business ninja. When they’re not attacking their foes, these ninjas prance about, blink cheerfully, and occasionally hug. Oh, and they’re all male. Oh, and they all live together in communal huts. I’m tempted to call it a big gay ninja party, but really, that goes unspoken.

Ninjatown comes out October 28th.

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3 Responses to “‘Ninjatown’ scores high for adorableness”

  1. Denis Says:

    During Wizard World Chicago this had three booths set up for promotion: the game, the comic company promoting it and the works that will come out, and the artist/designer himself. Had an opportunity to speak with both he and his partner and they were incredibly kind people.

    I even bought some plush mustachios they had.

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    What does one do with a plush mustachios, I wonder? Hold it up to your face and grin? Or make it fly around like an airplane? Do tell!

  3. James Says:

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