September 17th, 2008

I’m not normally a fan of first-person shooters, but clearly I’ve got to change that, seeing as Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2 have raised some many doubts over the last few weeks. Now there’s another title to add to my list of re-considerations: Legendary.

Legendary was playable at PAX, but I didn’t spend enough time at the Game Cock booth to check it out. However, I got another chance Friday when I swung by Sandbox, that PR company that specializes in giving previewers somewhere comfy to test out games. The Sandbox rep manned the controller, which meant I got to sit back and enjoy the opening sequence of the game, plus a few additional scenes. What really struck me wasn’t the character design (trying too hard to be realistic) or the urban environment (impressive but done before), it was the creatures. As the story goes, the game’s protagonist accidentally opens Pandora’s box, unleashing a vast cast of monsters from different mythologies onto the world: griffins, werewolves, dead baby ghosts. Badass.

Beyond the design of the creatures, which look hot against such a modern backdrop, I was particularly impressed that Legendary‘s monsters had a different fighting style than its regular old bad humans. Humans shoots guns, which means you can hide from them behind walls, automobiles, etc. Mythological creatures, however, can’t be stopped be mere mid-level sedans. They’ll rip through your defense wall and your expectation for FPS fighting to bite you cleanly in half. Did I say badass?

Now if only we could get rid of the guns and the intrigue story and everything else that makes this game old news and replace it with some monster fights. That’s right, hot griffin on griffin action…

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