September 15th, 2008

This past Friday was packed with out-and-about-ness. At the moment I work from my living room, only to emerge around 7:00 to bus to the gym where I can run in circles with the rest of the hamsters, iPod buds in my ears blasting National Public Radio. The times when I see the daylight and/or speak to another human being are few and far between. I may or may not be exaggerating.

Anyways, on Friday I was pleased to have lunch with Gerald Jones, once a Gamasutra interviewee on violence in video games and now a writing buddy for those days when nothing goes with black bean soup like the over-analysis of aggression in contemporary society. After that I headed to Sandbox, a cool little PR company who’s singular purpose is to offer a cozy spot to hang out and test games (more on those soon). From there I hit up’s release party for their new gay male bondage site Bound Gods. Then I ate a Mission burrito, some Bi-Rite ice cream, and promptly passed out full of happiness.

Screw the ice cream, you’re thinking, what about the gay male bondage party? Ah yes, that. It was held in what I’ve recently been informed is very much’s building — the Armory — a giant, brick building that’s possibly the closest thing San Francisco has to a castle. As I discuss on Heartless Doll, it was a sexy but toned down affair, with only two screens showing hardcore porn and only two nearly naked go-go boys working the floor and then dancing on mini stages. Also, as mentioned, it’s really hard to hold a conversation with someone’s perfectly formed ass in your face.

According to Kink’s PR rep Thomas Roche, I might get to take a proper tour of the Armory sometime soon. Now to find an excuse — i.e. a publication that wants an article about my roaming sex studios and drooling.

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