August 31st, 2008

Yes, today is Sunday, and the Penny Arcade is officially over. Now to settle in, write articles about the event, and reflect on the last two and half days here in Seattle. After a brief nap, and only slightly gripped by video game event plague, I’m ready to pass on some shining pearls of reflective wisdom:

Far Cry 2, against all odds of me not caring, looks awesome. Of course, I don’t care for the guns, even with Clint Hocking at the creative helm, but the level creator has stunning to potential for machinima. Watching Hocking create jungle landscapes at yesterday’s demo made me remember the feeling of being five and getting lost in worlds of my imagination. It’s that good.

– The “Sex, Violence, and Video Games Panel: Where is it all going?” panel lead by N’Gai Croal, discussed some interesting issues of ratings but didn’t break much new ground. At least, that’s what I was told by my scout Scott, as I had a bout of the plague right before taking my seat and spent the panel passed out on a beanbag chair in the foyer. Fun.

– While I’d love to be able to say something inflammatory about the “How to Get Your Girlfriend into Gaming” panel that happened this morning, this sounded pretty standard. “What if my girlfriend gets harassed online?” “Tell her to join a girl’s clan.” “What if she thinks gamers are freaks?” “Tell her to turn freak and join us!” The words “gaming sisters” were also used. Needless to stay, I didn’t stick around long.

I’ll still be here in Seattle until Tuesday evening. Check back on Friday for a weekly round-up that’ll include the rest of my event coverage, including a slideshow of cosplayers, a list of things I learned from PAX, and an article on utilikilts. Yes, utilikilts.

[Above, the official PAX game cake. See all PAX photos here.]

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