July 15th, 2008

Up today at Forbes.com is an article and slideshow I did called “Top Travel Spots for Game Fans.” As a gamer and a traveler it only seemed right to combine the two. Plus, I got to hold a microphone up to the faces of several of my favorite gamers–including Heroine Sheik readers Tim Sell and Jolene Rapport, as well as fellow professional dorks Chris Furniss and Michael Zenke–all of whom got asked the question, “With $1,500, where would you go for a video game vacation?”

Personally, I might trade the $1,500 in for 6,000 quarters and go crazy at the old-fashioned arcade up on the SF marina. Then again, I’m already headed to PAX next month, Arse Elektronika in September, and State of Play in October. Oh, and I just got home from living in Europe for a year. All of which is to say, my idea of a good time right now is staying here in San Francisco.

[Photo: even our West Coast highways look pretty.]

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