July 14th, 2008

There’s been lots of buzz around Google’s new virtual world Lively since it launched last week. The PC-only world–more like a collection of 3D, user-created chat rooms–has stirred up two main topics of discussion nearly as exaggerated as this Lively avatar’s breasts. Buzz topic #1: will the game kill Second Life? Buzz topic #2: OMG sex.

It’s true, if you run down the list of popular rooms in this seemingly teen-oriented world (Why teen-oriented? Character design. Even in the furry community it’d be hard to get ass as an SD piglet) a number of sexually-themed spots jump out: “Bears: Gay bears and cubs. Hairy men,” “Pussy room. Let’s talk about…sex,” “Europe Sex Friends: Have Fun and Meetings in Real Life.”

To most people, the presence of user-generated sex content in Lively has somehow already spoiled the world. Apparently it’s been invaded by those parasitic pervs who like to have sex in your virtual living room, the very same ones who turned Second Life into a den of sin. Given that, my first response was, “Sweet, new cybersex hang out!” Then I borrowed a PC for the weekend and settled in for some good, old-fashioned sweaty research.

As luck would have it, nobody’s happy with Lively, not even me. The sex there–and often the lack of sex there–straight-up sucks. Don’t blame it on the fact that avatars can’t get naked; that hasn’t stopped WoW players from having nights of steamy text sex. Don’t even blame it on the fact that the “sexy” videos imbedded in the walls are both tame and hard to watch. Blame it on the chat system, which is a horny person’s nightmare. Standing around in a pre-fab room is already uninspiring. The number of clicks it takes to get to private chat: that’s enough to send any cybersex enthusiast running back to Second Life.

As for me, I stood around all night and got nowhere. I’m talking zero action. In my opinion, the sex rooms that are getting buzz are just pulling in traffic from their names. But heck, prove me wrong. Has anyone actually had successful sex in Lively?

P.S. The discussion about what makes a virtual world conducive or not conducive to cybersex continues here at Terra Nova.

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4 Responses to “Google ‘Lively’ Not So Lively After All”

  1. Alfonso Crawford Says:

    Well, I met a Chinese girl(?) that was impressed by my grasp of English. Does potential exploitation of exotic-foreigner points count?

  2. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    There are so many speakers of different languages thrown together in Lively! On the one hand, it’s great. On the other hand, it’s frankly frustrating. Walking into a cybersex room, for example, and not speaking Spanish was a serious hindrance. I even tried the French rooms, but nothing interesting was going on there either. Thank God, because I have no feckin’ clue how to say “manroot” in French :).

  3. GeorgeR Says:

    I’m sorry, I am now horribly tempted to look up what manroot is in french. I am too horribly juvenile sometimes.

    Also I need to actually give Lively a whirl. Everyone keeps mentioning it, but yeesh, I’ve just been trying to get work done and it keeps piling up.

  4. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    La racine d’homme?

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