July 2nd, 2008

This is volume two of Eludamos, the international online journal “for computer game culture.” True, its cover isn’t very sexy–but its insides might be. As Heroine Sheik reader Tim Sell kindly points out, it’s filled with gender and game-y goodness. Some promising articles include:

-“Real Boys Carry Girly Epics: Normalizing Gender Bending in Online Games,” by Esther MacCallum-Stewart

-“The Impact of Nintendo’s ‘For Men’ Advertising Campaign on a Potential Female Market,” by Gareth Schlott and Siobhan Thomas

-“Theorizing Gender and Digital Gameplay: Oversights, Accidents, and Surprises,” by Jennifer Jenson and Suzanne de Castell

That last one sounds a little wishy-washy/loosey-goosey, but heck, it’s academia!

Tags: academia, gender

3 Responses to “Gender and Game Studies, Together At Last?”

  1. Darkpen Says:


    Sounds interesting, will check out.

  2. Tim Says:

    I just wish they had an rss feed :)

  3. Bonnie Ruberg Says:

    From what I’ve read so far (the articles are quite long), “Theorizing Gender and Digital Gameplay” is interesting and thoughtful, but a bit long-winded and hard to get through. Primarily it’s about how the research methods for figuring out “what girls want” from games are themselves biased: a valid point, but one a bit masked in the authors’ wordy frustration with the current state of things.

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