June 30th, 2008

For many, sex can be a delicate, secretive subject. So whom better to share your secrets with than a faceless computer program that converts voice messages into text posts? MTV recently launched a blog called “Stand By What You Say,” which offers readers from across North America and Europe the chance to call in with their sexy inner thoughts. It’s sort of like an erotic Post Secret (more on that below)–at least in theory. The actual call-ins are pretty disappointingly un-tantalizing or revealing though. Example: “I feel I’m not the most attractive person.” Steamy.

I for one would rather write down my secrets and mail them off then announce them into a phone. While the act of speaking something can definitely be relieving, writing seems to give your confession more weight–and gives you more time to think about it. That would explain the potential appeal of Fantasy Confidential, the site that attempts to make good on the sexy Post Secret idea. Unfortunately, since Time Out New York covered it in their fall sex issue, it seems to have slowed to a halt as well.

So what’s the problem here? Revealing your dirty inner thoughts via anonymous new media should be amazingly appealing. Does Post Secret have the genre so clearly covered we don’t feel the need to poor out our souls anywhere else? Or does the internet give us so many people to talk to about our desires we don’t need a confessional?

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3 Responses to “Let’s Talk about Sex, Unfeeling Bot”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    /b/ is an interesting choice, people (mostly youths) can confess anonymously, provide pictures and get sexplinations from other anonymous posters without any pressure.
    Because within 15 minutes the thread will probably be deleted and someone else will be demanding the attention of the masses.

    In recent weeks the ‘workplace confession’ threads have been popping up more and more. Very entertaining. Almost therapeutic.

  2. halfassured Says:

    /b/, and 4chan as a whole, are incredibly fertile grounds for social study. It’s really interesting to see how phenomena like anonymity change normal social dynamics — and how they don’t.

  3. Masturbator Says:

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