June 27th, 2008

-I’m officially headed to Seattle this August for PAX 2008 (woot!), so I’m psyched to see the event should be both huge and downright rockin’. Game music that will change my life? Yeah, ok, why not?

-Of the millions of people who purchased Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, apparently only 2,676 bothered to file for the Hot Coffee settlement which entitled them to a $35 in return for the horrific experience of possibly seeing some digital booty, says The New York Times via The Guardian Gamesblog. So sex in games is worrying, but not worrying enough to do the slightest thing about. Good to know.

-As if Metal Gear Solid 4 weren’t already full of opportunities for gamers to giggle about our stealthy hero humping boys, Zero Punctuation leaves us wondering about Snake, his live-in “best friend,” and their adopted love child. People more in the know on this one (who’ve actually lived through and/or enjoyed this game) what’s up with that?

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3 Responses to “This Week: Hot, Less Hot, and Homoerotic”

  1. halfassured Says:

    Supposedly there’s also a part where one of the aged grizzled men in the game kisses the other, but it’s hard to get to.

    I saw MGS 4 described on 4chan as “Lemon Party: the Game.”

  2. Darkpen Says:

    Haha. Yeah, there are some pretty homoerotic parts in the game, especially if you choose to not knock someone out by means of a crotch grab twist, which leaves you with only watching Snake pat someone’s balls. (In the case of female soldiers, its the same animation, but if you try to knock them out by means of crotch grab, they call you pervert and knock you down).

    For the part with the kissing, in the last battle, if Liquid Ocelot gets you into a choke hold, and if you don’t resist in any way, he’ll plant a kiss on you, which recovers his health, but its still funny to watch.

    For the Otacon and Snake “best friends with an adopted child” thing, I think its only something you’d notice if you thought about it, but otherwise its not as obvious if you’ve been an avid fan of the series. Sunny is a genius child that was rescued from a confinement facility by Raiden. She’s also Olga’s child, so its not like we don’t know who her parent is.

    As for Otacon, he just has really bad luck with the ladies. Poor guy :(

    But you know, even David Hayter’s joked that Otacon’s sort of like Snake’s gay friend.

  3. Darkpen Says:

    no wait, he said he’s like “Snake’s gay sidekick,” lol

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